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Science - Q&A with current students
Join Lund University current students from the Science subject area for a Q&A about our their experiences studying our English-taught Science degree programmes. You will have the opportunity to hear from several students and ask any questions you have about study opportunities, student life, their research, coursework, and anything else you might be wondering about their experience at Lund.

Please note: in this webinar we will focus on questions related to student life and the student experience of studying science at Lund University. If you have general questions about how to apply, scholarships or residence permits, please refer to our other events and webinars: https://www.lunduniversity.lu.se/admissions/connect-us-about-studies/online/upcoming-virtual-events

Dec 12, 2022 04:00 PM in Stockholm

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Johan Gunnarsson
International Marketing Manager @the International Marketing and Recruitment team at Lund University
Johan will be moderating this live Q&A. Johan has been working as an International Marketing Manager at Lund University since 2010, and specialises in helping students from East Asia, where he studied and worked for an extensive period of time. Johan is a Lund University graduate.
Bachelor's programme in Mathematics @the Faculty of Science at Lund University
Marie is from Costa Rica. She is a second-year Mathematics Bachelor's student. She is also an International Student Ambassador at Lund University. Marie is thrilled to talk about the many opportunities this great university offers to students worldwide!
Master's programme in Biology - Aquatic Ecology @the Faculty of Science at Lund University
Jana is 23 years old and comes from Germany, where she studied Biosciences in her Bachelo'r programme. She always loved to be out in nature, so she decided to move to Sweden and study aquatic ecosystems. Here she has gotten some insights into the life of a researcher, which she is looking forward to sharing with you all!
Master's programme in Bioinformatics @the Faculty of Science at Lund University
Nikhilesh completed her B.Tech in Biotechnology from India. He did his Bachelor's thesis on computational methods of protein function prediction which Inspired him to pursue a Master's in Bioinformatics. He plans on participating in Interdisciplinary research conducted at the department involving DNA informatics after which he plans to pursue his PhD in Sweden.
Master's programme in Chemistry - Synthetic and Analytical @the Faculty of Science at Lund University
Azizollah is a Master's student studying the Synthetic and Analytical Chemistry programme here at Lund University. He is originally from Afghanistan. Azizollah got his Bachelor's degree in Applied chemistry in Iran.
Master's programme in General Molecular Biology @the Faculty of Science at Lund University
Melina is a second-year Molecular Biology MSc student from Greece, enjoying life in Lund! She has just completed her Master's courses and started her thesis project in the lab of Epigenetics and Chromatin Dynamics, Department of Experimental Medical Science at the BMC. She is also a core team member in Synapse - Life Science Connect Sweden. As for hobbies, she enjoys exercising, watching anime and K-dramas, and drinking lots of coffee and chocolate!
Master's programme in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science @the Faculty of Science at Lund University
Bradley is a Master's student in the Physical Geography and Ecosystem science programme, and he is also lucky enough to be a Lund University Ambassador! Bradley is in his second year of his Master's, and am currently doing an internship at his department and spending most of his days in the INES laboratories. He is organised and takes things seriously, and is hoping to pursue a PhD after his Master's. Bradley became an ambassador to support and help prospective students to make decisions on where to study and how to get the best out of being at Lund.