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NUAS internationalisation dialogue: Nordic dialogue on responsible university internationalisation in a changing world
In recent years, international academic cooperation has become increasingly dependent on political, economic, and social contexts. This reinforces concerns for both cooperation with higher education institutions and research fieldwork in countries that differ from the Nordic countries in terms of academic freedom, corruption, legislation, and political systems. Some countries with attractive research partners witness increasing authoritarian tendencies, and some with a history of corruption, violation of academic freedom, or with research systems that have develop rapidly, now carries out interesting research. One consequence is that individual researchers and teachers in the Nordic countries need to relate to these contexts to succeed in conducting the research and the collaboration. Furthermore, university administration needs to improve knowledge about these specific contexts as well as improve the support for collaboration with such environments and countries.

The internationalisation group within NUAS has identified a joint interest among Nordic HEIs to understand existing structures, guidelines, and support for collaboration with such countries, but also to discuss and develop routines for support in relation to collaboration and visits. This includes routines for assessing changes in the conditions for cooperation and visits but also national and institutional guidelines or code-of-conduct.

The moderator of the event will be Riitta Mustonen. Director of Development at University of Turku, Finland.

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Dec 15, 2021 01:15 PM in Stockholm

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Webinar moderator: Riitta Mustonen
Director Of Development @University of Turku, Finland
Dr Riitta Mustonen has recently retired from her post since 2015 as Director of Development at the University of Turku, Finland. Previously, she was Deputy Director of NordForsk in 2013-2015. Before she has worked at the Academy of Finland as Director with responsibility for strategic analysis and international networks, Vice President for Research and Director of the Health Research Unit and, earlier, as laboratory director and researcher in Finland, Germany and USA. Her scientific background is in genetics and environmental toxicology. Riitta Mustonen has a long experience in science policy and international cooperation and European and Nordic Research Areas. She has been active in a number of committees and working groups at Nordic and European levels.
Tiina Vihma-Purovaara
Senior Ministerial Advisor @Ministry of education and culture, Finland
Tiina Vihma-Purovaara is Senior Ministerial Adviser for Science policy at the Department for Higher education and Science policy in the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Finland. Her main tasks include coordinating general international activities of the Department, implementing the international strategy for Higher Education and Research 2017-2025 which includes the establishment of Team Finland Knowledge (Science counsellor) network, and networking and cooperating between the Ministry and the Higher Education Institutions, research performing institutes, Finnish National Agency for Education, Academy of Finland (Research Councils), Business Finland, other Ministries and other actors in internationalisation of HE and science. In her position as Vice-Chair of European Research Area Committee ERAC group Strategic Forum for international STI Cooperation SFIC, Vihma-Purovaara is also in charge of European STI cooperation with non-European Countries.
Morten Gylling-Jørgensen
Senior advisor, International relations @Ministry of higher education and science, Denmark
Morten Gylling-Jørgensen is currently senior advisor for international relations at the Danish ministry of higher education and science. Previous positions has been national expert and legal officer at DG Research & Innovation within the European Commission, Head of section at the Danish agency for higher education and science, Academic officer within the royal Danish academy, and a PhD fellow at Copenhagen Business School.
Runa Vigdis Gudmarsdottir
Director @National Agency of Erasmus+, Iceland
Rúna Guðmarsdóttir has worked on internationalisation in education since 2007, when she joined the Icelandic National Agency for the Lifelong Learning Programme. She was seconded to the Erasmus+ Higher Education team at DG Education and Culture from 2013 to 2017, mainly working on programme management and impact assessment. She was responsible for outgoing student mobility from the University of Iceland until 2018, when she took over her role as the team leader for higher education at Rannís – The Icelandic Centre for Research, which serves as the Erasmus+ National Agency in Iceland. In cooperation with the Ministry for Education and Culture in Iceland, Rúna has coordinated policy projects supported by Erasmus+ KA3 with the objective of implementing Bologna reforms in Iceland and enhancing quality assurance and student engagement in higher education. As of 1 January 2021, Rúna is the Director of the National Agency and holds an undergraduate degree from the Iceland University of Sussex
Albin Gaunt
Specialist Internationalisation, @International Relations Unit, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Albin Gaunt is a specialist in internationalisation at Karolinska Institutet. He is interested in the strategic internationalisation of Higher education institutions, the role of universities on the international stage and the development of EU-policy for universities. Albin is currently involved in setting up a framework for the medium-term strategic orientation of KI’s international engagement. He was also one of the co writers of the STINT guidelines for Responsible internationalisation. On the national level, Albin is a member of several groups for the cooperation between Swedish universities on issues relating to strategic internationalisation. Previously he was the secretary of the Swedish national Inquiry on Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions, and before that he worked as Head of Section at the Ministry for Education and Research. He has an MA in Political science from Stockholm University. He is currently based in Brussels, Belgium.
Mette Lending
Senior adviser for international collaboration @Ministry of Education and Research, Norway