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Humanities and Languages - Q&A with current students
Join Lund University current studentsand recent alumni from the Humanities and Languages subject area for a Q&A about our their experiences studying our English-taught Humanities and Languages degree programmes. You will have the opportunity to hear from several students and ask any questions you have about study opportunities, student life, their research, coursework, and anything else you might be wondering about their experience at Lund.

Please note: in this webinar we will focus on questions related to student life and the student experience of studying humanities and languages at Lund University. If you have general questions about how to apply, scholarships or residence permits, please refer to our other events and webinars: https://www.lunduniversity.lu.se/admissions/connect-us-about-studies/online/upcoming-virtual-events

Dec 7, 2022 04:00 PM in Stockholm

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Audrey Savage
International Communications Officer @the International Marketing and Recruitment team at Lund University
Audrey will be moderating this live Q&A. Audrey, originally from the US, is an alumna of the Lund University Master’s in Applied Cultural Analysis. As an International Communications Officer, she assists international applicants from all over the world in answering their questions and helping them apply for studies.
Master's programme in Applied Cultural Analysis @the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University
Lee graduated from the Master of Applied Cultural Analysis (MACA) programme in June 2022. Originally from the United States, Lee now works as a researcher and teaching assistant.
Master's programme in Archaeology @the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University
Nell is a Swedish archaeology student currently in her second year of her Master's degree, and she is getting ready to write her masters thesis next semester. Nell fins everything old and ancient very interesting, so she has studied many different periods of archaeology, everything from classical archaeology (the ancient Greeks and Romans) to historical Scandinavian archaeology (mainly churches and other historical buildings), but my main area of interest is the Scandinavian Iron Age (much more than just Vikings).
Master's programme in Visual Culture @the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University
Mia is currently enrolled in the Master's programme in Visual culture. She graduated in 2019 from the University of Essex with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Art History. Her fascination with art started when She was a young girl. Gazing upon the art pieces hanging on the wall, she always wondered in amazement regarding the inspiration behind the creation which led her to pursue a degree in art history and dedicate her professional career towards studying art.
Master's programme in Human Rights @the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University
Mariam is studying Human Rights Studies at Lund University. She is a Swedish Institute scholarship holder. From her previous studies, she has a law degree and worked at the ministry of justice of Georgia.